Why Scout

Why Scout? So you can plan for what’s ahead.

Having an experienced guide on your financial journey can make all the difference. With Scout, you can rest easy knowing we’re keeping an eye on the road ahead.

Why Invest with Scout?

We break old traditions

We learn and adapt

We embody service

We use the best tools available to deliver value above and beyond the tired traditions of old-school asset management.

Our process for asset management

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Discovery Meeting

At Scout Asset Management we pride ourselves as curious and inquisitive people; characteristics we believe are essential to building strong, trustworthy and lasting interpersonal relationships. During this phase we aim to ask a number of open ended questions to deepen the conversation and get at the heart of our client's goals. The more we understand and appreciate our clients' goals, values, and interests the more success we should have in building trust and meaningful financial solutions

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Planning Process

Scouts planning phase is focused on collecting and collating quantitative financial facts and is followed by examination of our client's understanding of our client's experience and views towards market risk.

Gathering Data

With our client's privacy always number one we begin the dialogue of gathering quantitative information such as income, asset and liability, cash flow, and sometimes tax statements. This is a low tech venture but an obviously important step in forming the basis of any financial plan.

Risk Appetite Assessment

It is of our opinion that too little attention is paid to the understanding and ascertaining of the investor's attitude towards market risk or the degree of uncertainty an investor is willing to accept in order to achieve a potentially higher reward. The customarily used risk profile questionnaire, common in the financial services space, is oftentimes generic, oversimplified, too quantitative and generally fails to capture one's true risk tolerance.

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Evaluate & Recommend Phase

Taking the qualitative facts gleaned from the discovery phase and in concert with the quantitative details collected during the data gathering phase we present recommendations or steps we feel would help establish a path which will help lead to success.

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Monitor & Adjust

Once a financial action plan is set in motion it inevitably and by its very nature will begin to shift over time, requiring revisions to keep the plan moving forward. Scout Asset Management embraces this ongoing responsibility, commitment and obligation to monitor, update and improve the plan to deal with those current circumstances.

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Why use Scout instead of an online investing platform?

More time for the things you care about.

DIY investing tools can be a great way to learn the ins and outs of finance, but successfully managing a portfolio for your future is a full-time job. We keep our finger on the pulse of the marketplace, so you can focus on living your life.

Decades of experience you can trust.

In more than two decades of asset management, we’ve seen everything the market has to offer and then some. We’ve helped clients make the most of windfalls and weather stormy markets with confidence. And we can help you, too.

An eye on the road ahead.

DIY investment tools can’t tell you when they think a shift is coming, or when they spot an opportunity ahead. With Scout, you can rest easy knowing that someone is looking ahead on your behalf, and keeping you informed every step of the way.

Dont know where to start

Don’t know where to start? Let’s Talk.

Face your financial future with a map, compass, and guide by your side.