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Have confidence in your investment advisors again

Scout Asset Management is bringing transparency, access, and accountability to asset management. With research-backed strategies and the latest tools and technology, you’ll be prepared for whatever’s ahead with Scout.

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Who we are

On your financial journey, we’re your map, compass, and guide

Scout Asset Management is dedicated to giving our clients the confidence they need to feel good about their financial future. We have more than two decades of experience managing wealth and providing financial advice to individuals, small businesses, and family trusts.

What We Do

We help you plan for what’s around the corner and beyond.

Financial Education

Defining the true value of investing, interest, and the tools of the trade.

Retirement Prep & Management

Planning and ongoing retirement management built around your goals.

Business Benefits

Helping you provide the best retirement programs for your employees.

Young Investor Guidance

Starting early with younger investors to build a strong foundation for the future.

First step

Ready to take the first step

Face your financial future with a map, compass, and guide by your side.